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Frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19

The Ministry of “Soziales, Gesundheit, Integration und Verbrauchschutz“ for the state Brandenburg is hereby answering FAQs to clear the uncertainties and to give a clear guideline on what we can do to help in the prevention of Corona virus infections.

Although there is no total restriction for us to get out of home, we are never the less expected to follow the measure mentioned below, failure to abide the measures will result into a fine from the cost of 50 to 25.000 Euro.

Maximum reduced social contact

  • Contact to the closest members of your family i.e. children is allowed and we are advice to keep a safety distance of approximately 1.5 - 2 meters form other people.
  • Reduce contact to the elderly people and persons who have a history of health complications to prevent them from contracting COVI-19.
  • Accompanying minors to important appointments is allowed
  • Burial attendance is only allowed within a small family group
  • Easter celebrations will only be within your family; No relatives and neighbors are allowed

Movement in public places e.g. Routes, paths, public ground and parks

  • Hanging out in the above-mentioned places is completely forbidden until Sunday, 19.April 2020, except for people going to work, shop for groceries and important appointments.
  • Sport activities e.g. jogging, ridding and walking are permitted while adhering to the prevention measures and keeping distance of 1.5 -2meters.

Sitting on park benches and visiting children playing grounds is forbidden

  • Parents are not allowed to entertain children in the public playground but for the sake of keeping them fit, you are allowed to take the for a walk, ridding or playing football outside while keeping in mind the safety distance and no neighbouring children are welcome.

Hobbies and Free time activities are allowed with some exceptions

  • Activities like riding motor cycles, bicycles, can be done without groups and no stop overs in between the ridding time
  • Paddling in a boat alone or with a close member of the family is allowed. We are advice to retreat from the activity as long as it is crowded.

Pets e.g. Dogs, pigeon birds and horses

  • The above-mentioned animals should be attended to. Necessary activities like walking the dog, taking the horse for a routine ride is ok. Remember to keep the safety distance while you are out with the animal and avoid where there many people.
  • Observe maximum hygiene levels while looking after the animals
  • Keep the necessary animal equipment clean, wash and disinfect your hands.
  • Voluntary walking of dogs from a dog pound is allowed but with strict adherence to the prevention measure on ground.

Horse stables

  • Owners of horse stables or persons in charge of such business can decide accordingly if the owners of the horses are allowed in the stable or not. In other words, they can decide if one particular person can be assigned to take care of the animals in the time of the corona crisis.
  • Persons medical who are medically advice to stay in quarantine are by not allowed to get out to participate with the care taking of the animals

Fishing and hunting

  • Fishing for the professional fisher men is only possible in a privately owned fishing area
  • Hunting is only permitted to designated persons as a disease control measure among the wild pigs, especially along the border area with Poland
  • A maximum of two hunters even from different households is permitted bearing in mind the safety distance of 1.5-2 meters from each other

Tourist overnight hotel offers

  • Hotels, camping grounds are all currently forbidden
  • Hosting workers e.g. Craftsmen carrying out maintenance services is allowed while observing strict hygiene measures


In general, we are expected to be lenient und observe this measures in our places of residence. Since the 02.April 2020, failure to comply with the expected code of conducted will lead to penalties arranging from 500 to 2.500 Euro.

Hanging out in public place costs 1000 -10.000 Euro as charges and finally repeated offences could attract charges as high as 25.000 Euros.

Further information is available in the website www.corona.brandenburg.deCentre for Crisis management coordination Brandenburg is available on Telephone no. 0331 866-5050, Monday- Friday from 9:00-19:00 hours

Kind regards

From the Press representative

City administration Frankfurt (Oder)